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Lolo Hyper with the trade name of Inas & Co Ltd was incorporated on the 3rd September 2007. It is known as the low price destination on the island. The business generated from a small grocery shop owned by Mr. Yusuf Sambon in Morcellement St Andre back in 1990. Six years later, the business flourished into a mini market of 1500 sq. feet and took the name of Hollywood Store. While maintaining his low price strategy and high quality services throughout the years, Mr. Sambon was able to turn its mini market into LOLO Supermarket in 2002 with 40 parking spaces. With this strategy in place, LOLO Supermarket gained in popularity and the number of customers kept increasing. Seven years down the line, the supermarket was transformed into a shopping complex and was rebranded as LOLO HYPER. The complex comprises of various shops, dentist, pharmacy, food courts and parking facilities. In December 2019, the new milestone for the business was achieved by the inauguration of a shopping mall of 150,000 sq feet over 11 acres of land at Valentina.  In his 30 years of career, Mr. Sambon dedicates mainly his achievement to his hardworking employees and loyal customers.





Mr Yusuf Sambon has embarked in 2018 on a Shopping mall project at Valentina. The mall is in a strategic position with direct access on the M1 Motorway. The mall consists of Shops, Pharmacy, Restaurants, Food Courts, Kids Corner, Drive Thru Resto, ATM, Coffee Spot and a second bigger Lolo Hyper in Mauritius.  It will be responsible in creating over 600 direct and indirect job opportunities. The Valentina project required a massive investment of approximately Rs 1 Billion. This is the biggest construction achievement for the Lolo family in a short span of time.

The mall adopted the same pillars that have become synonymous with the Lolo hypermarket brand for over two decades - hygiene, quality, competitive and hardworking. The Lolo Hypermarket concept is developed over 50,000 square feet with a larger range of Bakery / Pastry, Fresh Meat, Fruits and Vegetables, Foods and Non Foods.

Mr Yusuf Sambon relies on existing and new potential customers to maintain this momentum to be the most innovative and modern player in this retail industry.






Mr Yusuf Sambon recognises the importance of ethics and protecting the environment. He has been involved in various activities to serve the community. He has been indulged with his team in different ‘Green Projects’ and adopting new innovative ecological friendly technologies. Through CSR events, he has also been able to provide food, medical help and educational sponsorships to those in need.






The company’s turnover for 2018 was approx. Rs 1billion compared to Rs 950M in 2017.  


mission values




An everlasting desire for high quality products at low prices, alongside with spacious shopping and parking facilities, good hygiene environment with the aim of achieving high customer satisfaction.




Low prices | Quality products | High level of shopping comfort | Parking facilities | Good housekeeping | Staff Development | Customer proximity | Dedicated team | Good working relationship with stakeholders



Our Suppliers



Lolo Hyper has developped a strong relationship with all its suppliers, locally and internationally, so as to provide the best products choices at the best prices in the most convenient way.